Tuesday, November 15, 2011

T-Ball Season 1

I never thought being a parent that I would be good at coaching until I tried it. This season was the most fun that I have had in a long time! All of the kids that I had on my team were awesome and have learned so much, it was crazy seeing how far they came from the first practice till today. This week marks the final week of our first t-ball season. Mackenzie had so much fun playing and getting to know new friends and playing one of mommies favorite sports, baseball!

Mackenzie learned a lot about playing t-ball this season and just the simple things from running to first base to hitting the ball and remembering to run! She would get a little A.D.D. in the field and just want to chase butterflys or watch the airplanes, all it would take is me saying Mackenzie a ball is going to hit you in the face if you dont pay attention to the batter. That would get her to finally pay attention! =)

I can't wait till next season which is in the Spring 2012. I hope to be able to coach again but am also hoping that other things and job opportunities will come my way!

Great job baby girl and I can't wait to see how much better you get from now till next season!

Thanks to my dad for taking the pictures this season as I was busy coaching the little ones! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paint Pens...

So I found these new pens the other day that contain paint! Now I am not usually one to NOT let Mackenzie show her creative side and I love to let her finger paint and put stickers and what not but ever since moving into the new house I have been NERVOUS she is going to get it somewhere she shouldn't. 

So after finding these pens I got so excited and let her go crazy with them with paper on our kitchen floor and she and I had a blast for a good 2 hours the other morning with hot chocolate, coffee and paint! =) I am so thankful for moments like these where we can just lay down on the floor and have a great time together and let me tell you its been a long time since we have done so! =) Considering we have been in the house together for almost 4 days now it was a great stress reliever that she was occupied and not getting into something she shouldn't LOL =) I love my little trouble maker! 

I highly recommend these to any parent who isnt quite there at letting your kids get horribly messy with paints or any other liquid colors! =) 

Enjoy the photos=)

One of our creations!
Coloring Mater and Lighting McQueen!

I love craft time with my little one... going to be a lot going on here in the next week or two! YAY! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

3 years!

So although I know that Mackenzie turned 3 in August I am so far behind on everything that I am finally getting around to letting everyone know whats going on with her! 

I had to take her to the doctor this past week and was able to get her stats... Right now she is 3ft 2in and 33.6lbs... Which of course is over the % of a normal 3 year old, but of course she is a big girl I wouldn't expect anything less! =)

Mack is so smart... she loves singing her ABC's and is finally counting to 15 we were having issues with her numbers there for a while! She LOVES to dance and sing all the time and is always asking to have music on or to watch dancing people on youtube! Yes my 3 year old asks about youtube! lol =) Nothing much has really changed about her except she LOVE LOVE LOVES to talk! From the moment she wakes up till she sleeps she just loves to talk... somedays I wish I owned ear plugs so she could just ramble on and on lol! 

Mackenzie and her 2 cousins!
On our way to NM this past weekend! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting so big on me!!!

I cant believe how big Mackenzie has got in such a short amount of time! Her and I have full blown conversations all the time now and I love it! Just recently I have been able to start reading a book my friend let me borrow that has to do with Strong willed children which everyone I know, knows that Mackenzie is EXTREMELY independent and strong willed! Although I love it I also really hate it, but in the long run she will be a very strong woman for it!

I love my baby though with all my heart and I am happy that I am able to finally really bond with her and play with her and have her do crafts that she actually understands! I cannot believe in 3 short months Mackenzie will be 3 and starting preschool in the Fall! It will probably be one of the hardest things I will do, since I have been with her 24/7 since the day she was born! I am not going to look that far ahead though I am going to spend the MOST amount of time with her this summer since I will be going to school and she will be as well!

I am so proud of my little monkey! She is one amazing little girl and I love her so much!

Mackenzie and her friend Alex... He is exactly 9 months older than her to the day!
Being a good mommy to her piggy!
Chowing down on ice cream at my softball game!
She dressed herself... handy manny shirt, blue flower, minnie mouse Christmas pants and her tinkerbell sunglasses! LOVE IT...
Playing with uncle Devin on Mother's Day! She loves him more than anyone I know!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So wow I cannot believe how long its been since I actually posted on Mackenzie's blog... THANKSGIVING was the last time.... Very crazy!

So much has happened with her since then. I feel like my little baby girl is grown up! In a twin bed, all potty trained and speaking like a five year old. I cannot believe she is such a big girl and only at 2 1/2 years old... Its hard enough to believe that she will be three in August! Seems just like yesterday that her first Easter was coming up and on Sunday it will be her 3rd.

Potty training was AMAZINGLY a breeze... The first day was a little mess but we got through it great. The only problem we had was going #2 in the potty. After about a week she was going both and doing great! She has been trained for about a month now and we do NOT have any accidents at all, out and about or at home either! I love it and I love the money that is being saved on diapers and pull ups! She is such a good girl and loves going to the bathroom and washing her hands... Poor little thing has such dry hands now so then she loves putting on lotion! =0)

WE are having an issue with her sleeping through the night lately and I am not strong enough to let her cry through it so I have not slept alone in about two months since we have lived in our house! But with time that will pass as well!

Although we havent done much these past two months we have had a lot of Mackenzie and mommy time, which at times can make for a trying day! But I love it since in August I will be going to school and she will be in daycare/preschool.

So until next time...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft...

I have been trying to get back into the craft mood lately and just havent been able to do it! Well finally I sat down with Mackenzie and we were able to create a turkey that I found the instructions for on the internet! The fun thing was that the craft includes her hands and feet in it so I will always remember how little she was. (I am one of those people who keep things) lol =o)

Although it isn't Thanksgiving yet HAPPY THANKSGIVING and gobble gobble...

The parts to our craft...
The body of the turkey all complete...
Finished product... =o)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two year photos...

On Sunday, November 1st we went and took Mackenzie to get her two year photos done... a little late but oh well they finally got done! =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE what we chose for her to wear... it showed both sides of her personality perfectly I wouldn't have changed one thing about what she wore or any of the pictures that she took. I love my little munchkin to death and I am so blessed to have a very well balanced child. She is so smart and sassy, its amazing what the little ones pick up these days and being in a truck with her daddy driving in California is not a good idea for someone who REPEATS EVERYTHING =) I have to share with everyone what she said just the other day while we were driving through Anaheim, CA. Gary was upset about a certain driver and so he proceeded to cuss him out. What follows may either make you crack up laughing or just shake your head... My two year old daughter told her father the other day, "daddy whats wrong? fucking California stupid ass drivers?" Although I should have told her no and shown her that it wasn't ok to talk like that I was trying my hardest to laugh into my sweater so that she didn't see me! Like I said the things that kid will pick up! =) Well enough chitter chatter... Here are the pics of crazy girl! xoxo

Her calm, happy, fun personality... Known as personality 1!
Easiest way to explain PSYCHO! =) Personality 2!

Gary's favorite photo of the whole shoot! We love that she is so different and eccentric!

Like I said she is my crazy little girl! She is silly, crazy, happy, loving, caring, a princess, spoiled, and LOVED to say the least. I love Mackenzie so much and couldn't see my life without her right now!